Virtual meetup: Site clinic & showcase

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first-ever completely virtual meetup. We had 20 members at peak and spent a solid 2+ hours reviewing different websites.

Here’s our recap.

Takeaways from the site clinic

Some high-level takeaways:

What content do you need on your site?

Figure out what information you want on your site before you build it. If you don’t have enough information to fill multiple pages, don’t add multiple pages — keep everything on your homepage. A couple of lines of text per page isn’t a good experience for anyone.

Can we even read what’s on your site?

Pay attention to how legible your text is across different devices. Font size, colour contrast, and paragraph density are all small adjustments that can make a world of difference for your site visitors. Ask for opinions from other people, too!

What’s making your site so slow?

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. It’ll review your site, give you a score, flag issues, and offer recommendations on how to fix the problems.

If the recommendations are too technical for you, ask for help. Join the WordPress Canada team on Slack and ask for help from other WordPress users.

What theme should you use?

It depends! Many of us more experienced users have a few go-to themes that we rely on. The popular themes on are all well-rounded choices for most sites.

Create custom page layouts with a page builder.

Pair a clean theme with a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder for more control. The default editor is also making progress on the block patterns feature. You can test this out yourself by installing the Gutenberg plugin.

Our spring meetups will be virtual.

It doesn’t look like Covid-19 is going away anytime soon, so we’re making the next batch of meetups — April, May, and June — completely virtual. We may add more short sessions in the coming weeks, too.

Keep an eye on the group for details & RSVP on

1 thought on “Virtual meetup: Site clinic & showcase”

  1. I know it’s only a small 1-page MVP at the moment, but I’d love to get some feedback on my personal site.

    From my perspective, the issues that stand out to me immediately are:
    – the load times are slower than I’d like them to be,
    – occasionally updating my builder (DIVI) can cause some issues,
    – I’d like to reduce the text and rely on more imagery or Audio/Video content,
    – there’s an issue with the blue “on rollover” glows of my “services” section on tablets,
    – the footer needs a lot of love,
    – [when I scroll down and hit the bottom of the “Projects” section] I’d like to have the clouds roll over on top of that previous content.

    Again, that’s just my take on it, but I’d love to hear what other people have to say as well and get some ideas/suggestions.


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