Free resources for learning WordPress

Many of our WP Durham group members join because they want to learn more about WordPress. They might be absolute beginners, longtime users, aspiring developers, ambitious entrepreneurs, or a little bit of each.

We can’t cover everything in our meetups, but we can point you in the right direction for learning more on your own.

Here are a handful of free resources to get you started with learning WordPress:

Learning WordPress

WordPress Codex: The official documentation hub for WordPress. It’s a mix of user guides and developer references. Pair it with the official WordPress Lessons from The bulk of the videos are recordings of WordCamp sessions. Tutorials & Courses: While these guides are tailored specifically for, they’re also useful for general WordPress users.

WP Beginner: A mix of how-to guides and blog posts. The latter are usually plugin recommendations & instructions for adding specific features to WordPress.

iThemes Training: Courses for WordPress and web development.

WPCrafter: “WordPress for non-techies.” Adam Preiser publishes videos, how-to tutorials, and guides for using WordPress. Check out the YouTube channel and Facebook group.

Easy WP Guide: A (very!) comprehensive online guide to using WordPress.

WP Setup: Step-by-step guides for installing and configuring WordPress.

Smashing Magazine: Top-notch WordPress tutorials for web developers.

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